White jury was shortlisted for ex-cop Kim Potter’s culpable homicide prosecution

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In April, Minneapolis’s former white lady police office deadly shoot a 20-year-old black Daunte Wright. On Friday, December 3, a jury comprising white members was selected to deal with the case. In a traffic stop, Potter claims she mistakenly grabbed her gun instead of her taser and shot it at Wright, incurring first- and second-degree felonies. 

News reported that the jury comprises twelve members. Comprises nine white members, one juror is black, and two are Asian. The jury is also equally divided among men and women, according to the channel. One juror expresses his thoughts that because of the gun use fear, he changed his mind about becoming a police officer. 

Quite a few jurors also stated that they had a poor impression of Potter. She should have possessed too much strength to tell where her taser was, as compared to her weapon. Another jury member, former I.T. manager, and election judge wrote on a questionnaire that the victim should not have died of this charge. Expired license tag plates are not a much bigger reason to kill anyone. 

A Navy veteran also included in the jury team said, during navy training taser also stunned him years ago. Now, technology has changed and the stunning issues will not affect his decision. He added more, seeing a video of a gun shoot was quite stressful as many things were happening there simultaneously. 

Trail’s open argument will be held on December 10, and Potter will defend herself. Potter can get maximum prison of 15 years for the 1st-degree charge and 10 years of prison for the 2nd-degree charge. The jury said the sentence could be more if Potter was found guilty of the crime. 

This article was penned by Jonathan P. Wright. Jonathan is a freelance writer for multiple mainstream publications and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS. You can read more of his work by clicking here.  

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