White woman won’t let Black Postmates specialist deliver food in her building

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Worldwide News | 2 comments

White woman won’t let Black Postmates specialist deliver food in her building

White woman won't let Black Postmates specialist deliver food in her building
“He’s a Black guy walking around,” the woman said, while blocking Jordan Gipson from entering her building.

A viral video shows a white Los Angeles lady hindering a Black Postmates driver from conveying food in her building. The man — named Jordan Gipson — shared the experience on Instagram. 

“So a Karen prevented me from carrying out my responsibility,” he wrote in a post on Wednesday (July 22). 

The around five-minute clasp starts with Gipson moving toward the high rise working with his food conveyance. The unidentified lady chides Gipson for wearing a green face covering and asks, “Is this a hold-up or something? Simply take it off.” 

Gipson endeavors to dial his client’s condo number close to the building entrance so he can be buzzed in, however the lady remains before the entryway and hinders his entrance. 

“I have food I have to deliver, ma’am,” he tells the woman.

“Don’t deliver anything here. We don’t want you here,” she responds.

Gipson then reaches his client — distinguished as Paul — on the intercom, who advises the lady that he’s anticipating a Postmates delivering. The lady starts interrogating Paul regarding his room number and says she doesn’t accept he’s an resident. 

“I live here asshole and I pay rent here,” she says to Paul before telling him to “get out of my building because you don’t live here.”

The lady at that point demands that Gipson isn’t making a food delivery. 

“He doesn’t live here and he’s not a delivery boy,” she snaps. “He has no car, no bike, nothing. He’s not Domino’s. He’s not Pizza Hut. He didn’t get out of a Lyft; he didn’t get out of an Uber. He’s a Black guy walking around.”

In the end, Paul comes down to the front way to recover the food from Gipson, since the lady won’t let him up. 

Postmates has since reacted to the occurrence in an announcement, saying it is “totally dismayed” by the video. 

“Postmates denounces racism and is committed to the safety of everyone using our platform: couriers, businesses and customers,” the company told McClatchy News.

The food delivery service hasn’t said at this point on the off chance that it will examine the episode. See Gipson’s video underneath.


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Quintin Streeter
Quintin Streeter
3 years ago

I don’t think this is fair. 😔

Quintin Streeter
Quintin Streeter
3 years ago

We gotta do better🙏🏽