Kaboom, Reed Dollaz, Eness and Eazy Da Block Captain have shown their unique styles can with stand any legend or up and coming battle rapper. Before we get upset or want to argue this list is made in light of my personal analysis and opinion. There are many candidates but I insure you this list will be hard to match up against.

Kaboom has yet to fail when it comes to delivering a show. With Kabooms freestyle ability he is easily the most comfortable in the room under pressure. He can keep it calm and allow you to listen to the word play or turn up on you with the hype after a tote from the vape pin. Either way Kaboom is a sure top 5 from the city of Philadelphia and makes my Big 4 list. his skillful rebuttals tend to leave you laughing at his opponent. Already having experience with battling big names and vets he will walk any rookie with a easy 3-0.

Reed Dollaz, with a monumental battle against Murda Mook on the horizon I feel Reed is highly motivated and ready to reclaim his title at the top. Reed has always had the full package and as much as we say we are over the gun lines, he finds new ways to keep us in tune with what’s next. Plus you always need someone on the team with anger issues to keep the intimidation factor on deck. take battle rap to another level as he did before and I think he has the people around him to help do so.

Eness, undeniably one of the best to ever touch a mic from the city a a pioneer in the Philadelphia music scene. With a recent spur of wins Eness is on a hot streak that I don’t see him falling off of anytime soon. Always being in touch with the people Ness finds a way to put together verses so relatable you feel like you said it yourself. Staying on top of what the young generation is inclined to like, as he holds his true to essence of lyricism if Eness wants to win he is unstoppable.

And last but not least Eazy Da Block Captain, the new beast looking to take home the rookie of the year crown. Already tearing down the best of the best in the game his pure tenacity and delivery alone can silence an opponent and make you forget your at a battle. Eazy has mixed love with in the battle world but that comes with the pure energy he brings that forces you to choose sides right away. The fans love him and would be a great starter along side these other top tier battle rappers.

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