Dremon Carrying new mexico with universal vibes

by | Feb 16, 2021 | WILDE TUNA | 1 comment

Dremon a young artist from the Wild West, captures an oasis vibe with his captivating music, catchy hooks, memorable choruses, and smooth, flowing verses. Dremon can fit into any playlist without feeling out of place. The versatility of his music solidifies his position in the music industry. Dremon is a Hip-Hop Artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. His 2012 album, Great Escape, street LP, earned him a rising name, leading him to a meeting with Jimmy Kang, CEO of Str8up Ent and VP of Wu-Tang Management, and eventually three years under their management. 

The route from there gave great valuable lessons and means to what Dremon would choose for a career. While pushing his album, The Music, he acquired more exposure with performances and networking with established artists and film cross-over in, “Money Is King,” (Freeway Rick Ross, Jadakiss, Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister) in the feature film, Busy Day. The album began receiving rotation on local/ internet radio stations, with attention as a first-round winner of the Swisher Artist Project/ Grant 2016, scoring several soundtrack/placements/Reviews for the movie The Perfect Pickup; 2017’s XXL 20th anniversary edition, First Hip-Hop artist interviewed by ABQ The Magazine, Weekly Alibi, A&R Factory, The Colt Show, and placements for his single, “Gravity,” produced by Mike Cee more. By the end of 2019, Dremon was well on his way to the top, receiving over 150,000 streams for his song, “Beneficial,” with an artistic visual to stand out.

With an amazing outbreak starting up with “Gravity,” premiering on Shade 45 and HBCU College stations, the stage was set for success with the “Feel the Culture” 2020 Tour. This Wild West artist was moving with promise but with a world pandemic of Covid-19 land sliding the world, all concert/tours or major events throughout the world were postponed/rescheduled or canceled, thus pushing his new album, 2nd Nature, later into the year. This is a moment where most of the world was locked down, but it wouldn’t stop there for him. After catching attention with the release of his Neon Tokyo 90s animated music video, “No Exaggeration,” the optimistic artist found himself with press runs and the Jumping On Tour, keeping things up to momentum. With new singles “Say Less,” “Do It for Me,” and his album 2nd Nature still on the float, it’s safe to say Dremon will not stop.

Concepts reign strong in Dre’s visuals so it is rare to see him just post up and rap. With in almost every visual I’ve watched there is a story line to follow which shows a higher level of creativity. His visual shot in Las Vegas by RomeYaFavoriteRapper from Philadelphia, brought a story line and unique vision to add to Dre’s catalog. The concept of “Wax” was very easy to follow as the young king enjoys a day and night out in Sin City, he is followed by an attractive but unwarranted guest. Tune into “Wax” below by Dremon!

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Tamerian Wrenn
Tamerian Wrenn
3 years ago

That’s awesome. I’m anticipating all of the great things this artist has to offer.