WrightWayJay enters 2023 driven by legacy and desperation

by | Dec 8, 2022 | Latest, Music News, New Music Alert | 3 comments

Pursuing legacy was never created as an equal opportunity.  

WrightWayJay was born with unparalleled survival instincts and unflinching leadership skills. Throughout his life, WrightWayJay has always been driven by a desire to succeed, leading to him becoming one of the most innovative artists in Generation Z Hip-Hop

During the last couple of years, WrightWayJay’s music has gained a lot of attention for its raw energy and emotion, which explains why he has such a solid connection with his fans. WrightWayJay is the embodiment of self-motivation.  

It has been his philosophy to allow no one or nothing to stand in the way of him achieving all the goals he has set, and this has allowed him to accomplish a multitude of beautiful and rewarding accomplishments throughout his life as a result. 

Throughout his career, WrightWayJay has consistently demonstrated exceptional determination and dedication. He continues to push himself harder than anyone else to reach new levels of success that no one can even come close to. 

WrightWayJay understands the difference between price and value.  

Hip-Hop flows through his veins like blood. It is what motivates him to be the most successful that he can be and to live up to the expectations that he has for himself. 

In recent years, WrightWayJay has been focused on giving back to the hip-hop community. In 20129, he released the autobiographical album ‘TImeless Music Volume 1’. WrightWayJay’s track ‘Lost Souls’ became a breakout hit and street anthem overnight. ‘Lost Souls‘ abundance of critical acclaim triggered innovation within the mind of WrightWayJay. 

After WrightWayJay huddled with his digital branding agency (RADIOPUSHERS), he decided to launch a 501-3C aptly titled ‘Lost Souls.’ The ‘Lost Souls’ non-profit organization will serve as an educational, financial, and entertainment resource outlet for local addiction and rehab centers throughout South Carolina.  

WrightWayJay has multiple TV/Film projects slated for release in 2023. WrightWayJay enters 2023, driven by legacy and desperation. 

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1 year ago


Regina Torain
Regina Torain
1 year ago

Congratulations cuzzo. I’m proud of you. πŸ’ͺ 🀩😍

Patience Jay
Patience Jay
1 year ago