Yo Gotti launches new business venture with Interscope

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Fans of Memphis rapper Yo Gotti can rejoice – his Collective Music Group label has teamed up with Interscope Records. CMG has plenty more hits to arrive by the end of the year, beginning with some heat from CMG’s CEO, as well as drops from EST Gee, 42 Dugg, and chart-topper Moneybagg Yo.

Yo Gotti and DaBaby are the perfect rap duo

Today Yo Gotti released a new single called “Drop”. DaBaby contributes a verse and beatsmith J provides the beat. It is a perfect film for post-quarantine strip clubs due to its production and subject matter:

He think we family, we not (We friends) 

I be burnin’ up the top (Ugh) 

I call her sis, she want the dick 

We went half on a spot 

We fuck on her friends together (Together) 

She my homegirl, whatever (Whatever) 

She got a nigga, she in love 

But I be fuckin’ on her better (Uh) 

Yeah, I’m her friend, friend (I am) 

I wanna fuck her again, again 

Introduce me as her brother friend 

That’s big cap, we pretend, ‘tend 

This hoes got so much game, you niggas be lame 

Get out your feelings, you should be ashamed 

Lil’ bitch from the hood 

I took her to Wafi and got her a chain 

Call her my twin, she with the gang 

I am (I am), that nigga (That nigga) 

Big old strap but the check bigger 

Truck four wheels worth six figures 

Beverly Hills residence, eight figures 

Knew who I am, that’s two hundred (Two hundred) 

Just touched a mill’, I been done it (Been done it) 

Fuckin’ on a bitch from the back 

Smack her on the ass, bumpin’ Three 6, “Who Run It” 

Yo Gotti’s latest albums are receiving critical acclaim  

He released the critically acclaimed I Am, The Art of Hustle, and I Still Am albums before Untrapped, his tenth studio album, and his fourth and final EP with Epic Records. This album has a wide range of features in addition to Ty Dolla $ign, Lil Baby, Lil Uzi Vert, Megan Thee Stallion, Rick Ross and others.

The debut of Yo Gotti’s music on the Billboard 200 chart was ranked in the top ten for the fourth straight week. One of his singles was Recession Proof, another was Stay Ur Distance, and another was Wish List. He also teamed up back-to-back with Jeezy on one track.

Article was written by Jonathan P-Wright, freelance writer for R.N.H. Magazine and C.V.O. of RADIOPUSHERS 

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