Young Buck accuses 50 Cent of being bankrupt and not releasing music

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Young Buck and 50 Cent have become increasingly estranged. A couple of weeks ago, Buck made an appearance on The Millionaire Podcast, where he was heard talking about how detestable his former G-Unit boss is and how he continue to be:

“The main thing I always got as a man was my personal space that I always had to protect, as well as 50 taking shots and saying things and things like that, which prompted me at that time to say many things back and forth.”

The artist explained that he initially tried to fulfill his obligations to the label by supplying 50 albums, but was met with money demands and other obstacles that prevented the project from being completed.

“The only thing I cared about was completing my contract and moving my career forward. The incident began because of him telling me that I owed him this sum of money, and I was like, “Okay that’s fine, I’ll pay you what you’re owed, if you can show me a receipt, since I never remember you handing me $250,000 or $350,000.”

Young Buck appears to be trying to handle the situation in a civil manner despite all of the chaos:

Basically, it’s just that we’re at a deadlock. I will not be going through a long, drawn-out court battle, or anything like that, when it could all be handled on a business basis, he would be able to get whatever he wants from me, and I will be able to get what I require … He can feed his children by moving on with his life, I can do the same.

In addition to his talk on bankruptcy, Buck also spoke on why he filed for bankruptcy, which Harper asked if it was directly related to 50.

“Well I don’t see that as being the main reason or anything like that. My reasoning was based on the fact that he is preventing me from being able to earn any type of income.”

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