NBA YoungBoy and Quando Rondo collaborate on “It’s On”

NBA YoungBoy and Quando Rondo collaborate on “It’s On”

Quando Rondo and NBA YoungBoy teamed up last month to collaborate on a track and video titled “Give Me A Sign”, which received a positive reception worldwide. On Tuesday (Nov. 22), Quando Rondo and NBA YoungBoy decided to circle back and provide fans with another collaboration, entitled “It’s On.” This brand-new track is the latest offering from their highly anticipated 3860 joint project, which is expected to be out in the next few weeks. In the beginning of the song, Rondo comes in hot with his opening lyrics that set the tone for the whole song:

It has been reported that during the course of 2022, Quando Rondo was treating fans to plenty of free drops, including “Dead Wrong,” “Jakiyah,” “War Baby,” and “24,” all of which were dedicated to the late Kobe Bryant, the legendary basketball player.

In related news, YoungBoy released a statement a few weeks ago informing the public that he had signed a record deal with Motown Records. As part of his contract with Atlantic Records, The Last Slimeto album was his last release under that label. In terms of chart placement, the album debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart, featuring Rod Wave, Kehlani, and Quavo. Furthermore, there was an impressive line-up of standout singles on The Last Slimeto as well, including “Mr. Grim Reaper,” “I Got The Bag,” and “I Hate YoungBoy.”

In his latest music video, Rich Homie Quan takes a spin

In his latest music video, Rich Homie Quan takes a spin

To celebrate his birthday, Rich Homie Quan released the Family & Mula project in October. In addition to eight songs, NoCap contributed a single feature to that album. This album was produced by such names as Yo Benji, DunDeal, Firas Quick, 2Tall, Teezyi, and more. Rich Homie Quan released the official Reloaded upgrade for the project last Friday (November 18), which added seven brand-new tracks.

There is no doubt that family comes first with this album, as the Atlanta emcee has just released the official video for Family & Mula Reloaded’s track, “Spin.” The video was backed by The Wizard, and it shows the Atlanta-based rapper driving through the city in a drop top car while spitting his bars.

As previously reported, the rapper “Type Of Way” recently opened up to Sway Calloway about how his lyrics have evolved since he compared them to the impact they will have on his children with the lyrics he has been rapping. “I am careful about what I say,” he said. “My children are growing older. In light of the fact that people are able to search for me on Google, I am concerned about what I express in my songs. ‘Cause I know they are listening. Therefore, so when they’re listening to the songs, their thought process is likely to be, ‘My daddy Rich Homie said that.’ Because of this, I don’t want to give them songs that are meant to shoot ’em up bang bang.”

Millyz releases new video for “Die Clouted”

Millyz releases new video for “Die Clouted”

The rap artist Millyz returns today (Nov. 23) with his latest track and video, “Die Clouted.” This feature-length clip, which was done by Dom Bruno in collaboration with the incomparable So Raspy, features cameos from fellow members of the hip hop community including Wallo, G Herbo, and Dave East. During his latest single, “Die Clouted”, Millyz raps about the hardships he has had to endure throughout his journey over sentimental piano and stirring guitar as he raps about experiences that have helped him become the man he is today:

The fifth installation of Millyz’s Blanco series was released back in June, and it has been a fan favourite ever since. Over the course of 17 tracks, Blanco 5 enlisted the assistance of artists like Styles P, Peezy, Mozzy, Cousin Stizz, Jadakiss, Dave East, and plenty more for assistance. In advance of the release of the album, singles such as “Highbeams,” “Ashes In The Maybach,” and “Rearview Mirror.”

Before that, there was Blanco 4, which also featured 17 tracks and was a collaboration with several artists, including Jazzy Amra, Jadakiss, Asian Doll, Benny The Butcher, G Herbo, and Big Homiie G. Along with his own releases, Millyz has been featured on some of the hottest tracks of the year, including “Step Outside” featuring Termanology and Paul Wall, “Next Level” featuring Berner, “Nauseous” featuring Merkules, “Tommy Egan” by OT The Real and DJ Kay Slay, and more.

Scotty Mac heads into 2023 with No Plan B in Hip-Hop

Scotty Mac heads into 2023 with No Plan B in Hip-Hop

Sometimes there is only one bridge to your freedom in life.

Being pushed to the brink of failure or destiny is terrifying in a person’s life. Pushing toward your dream without physical confirmation is the ultimate test of a person’s faith in life. Coming face-to-face with the possibility of terminating your aspirations is a psychological nightmare that most people never wake up from in life.

The road we take in life can frequently take many different turns before reaching the desired destination. Nevertheless, sometimes there is only one bridge leading to freedom, and we must cross it alone.

The ultimate test of Scotty Mac’s faith was the continuous push he was determined to make toward his dream of becoming a successful hip-hop artist without any assurance that his vision would come true. Despite all odds, it has taken his unwavering determination and the support of all those around him to achieve his dream.

Scotty Mac is the definition of resiliency.

There is no sign that he is slowing down or giving up your cause as he heads into 2023. As a result of his entrepreneurial attitude, he has been able to achieve a considerable amount of success to date.

Scotty Mac has managed to carve out a place for himself in an industry that is notoriously tough to break into. With a solid fanbase that he has developed and nurtured, Scotty Mac has released numerous high-quality visual and music projects that have garnered global critical acclaim from upper-echelon music executives.

Over the course of his career, Scotty Mac has exemplified how anything can be accomplished with diligent work and dedication.

By pursuing his dream so relentlessly, he has served as an inspirational figure for others who may also be facing challenges in their own lives similar to those he has met. There will always be obstacles standing in your way. However, if you never let them get in your way, you will stand a chance of achieving your dreams no matter what happens in the future.

Scotty Mac is a homegrown product of New York City and the prodigal son of Long Island. Growing up in New York City creates an “eat or be eaten” mentality in native New Yorkers.

Surviving in New York City’s concrete jungle requires futuristic vision, unparalleled adaptability, and rhinoceros skin. Scotty Mac was born with ‘No Plan B’s. People would depend on a ‘Plan B’ and never honestly believed in their ‘Plan A.’

JEMETYEESE will not compromise her value heading into 2023

JEMETYEESE will not compromise her value heading into 2023

A person’s value is never defined by the world.   

Life’s most precious items of life never have a price tag. Everything isn’t for sale in life. The world attempts to place a price tag on people’s thoughts, bodies, and self-worth. Psychologically, people are trained to set limits and price tags on everything around them.  

The ultimate value of a person’s life is predicated upon their own self-assessment and logic. The moment a person places a number or dollar amount on their self-worth, the world boxes in all their future dreams.   

Whenever we allow others to devalue us, we are ultimately devaluing ourselves as a result. In 2023, JEMETYEESE won’t compromise on her value in any way.  

The most significant difference between JEMETYEESE and everyone else is that she has always known that she was worth so much more than any price the world could put on her. There is no denying that she is determined to protect her dignity as well as her self-respect. No matter what the world tries to do, JEMETYEESE will never give up on herself.  

JEMETYEESE preps for her Amazon Prime documentary heading into 2023.  

JEMETYEESE maintains several corporate hats in 2022. JEMETYEESE is the CEO of a flourishing multimedia company, which encompasses TV/Film, a record label, music publishing, and cosmetics. Being born with a self-made DNA bloodline, JEMETYEESE’s life was never created to be typical. She begins shooting her documentary for Amazon Prime in 2023.   

Overcoming some of life’s darkest moments and demons, her faith has been unwavering. There was a brief period in her life when she allowed people to control her self-worth. That part of her past created a distinctive type of pain she vowed never to feel again. JEMETYEESE will not compromise her value heading into 2023.