Latto: An Authentic Voice in the Hip-Hop Industry

Latto: An Authentic Voice in the Hip-Hop Industry

Latto, a trailblazer in the music industry, shares her candid experiences as a woman in the realm of hip-hop. In a recent interview with XXL, the artist behind the hit album “777” delves into the intricacies of being a female rapper entertainer. She outlines the distinct elements that form the backbone of her artistic expression, which include bold lyrics and striking attire.

In the face of criticism and misunderstanding, Latto stands her ground, affirming that these elements are integral to her craft and the broader landscape of female rap. This article explores the challenges she faces, her responses to them, and the importance of her voice in the industry.

The Spotlight on Female Rapper Entertainers

According to Latto, the concept of a female rapper entertainer could encompass sexual lyrics, risqué clothes, and other elements that might be considered controversial. However, she affirms her comfort with these elements, asserting that they constitute the entertainment aspect of female rap.

“That, to me, is the entertainment of female rap. And I think sometimes people—my peers, our peers in the industry, our male peers—take that as an invitation. Like, ‘Oh, yeah, she like that. I’m open to talking to you outside of music or like, whatever.’ I think they don’t really know how to keep it business.”


Latto expresses that her male colleagues often misinterpret her artistic expressions as personal invitations, failing to keep the line between business and personal interactions clear. This common misunderstanding has led to several discomforting situations for the artist.

The Challenges of Being a Woman in Hip-Hop

Latto admits that navigating the male-dominated hip-hop industry is far from smooth sailing. Female artists like her are subjected to heightened scrutiny from blogs, fans, and commentators, and they often have to work twice as hard to achieve the same recognition as their male counterparts.

Latto’s Call to Action

Latto encourages more female artists to speak up about the challenges they face. Despite the pressure to keep silent, she believes it’s crucial to highlight the issues to bring about necessary changes in the industry.


Latto’s honesty about her experiences as a woman in hip-hop provides a much-needed perspective on the realities of the music industry. Her ability to confront these challenges and continue creating art is a testament to her strength and resilience. Her voice is not just a medium for entertainment, but also a beacon of inspiration for other female artists navigating the rough seas of the hip-hop industry.

Travis Scott: Unleashing “FE!N” in an Unforgettable Tulsa Performance

Travis Scott: Unleashing “FE!N” in an Unforgettable Tulsa Performance

The music scene witnessed an exhilarating spectacle as Travis Scott, the mastermind behind the chart-topping album Utopia, burst onto the stage at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The high-octane performance included a relentless, 14-minute long showcase of the crowd-pleaser, “FE!N,” not just once, but a whopping ten times.

A Night to Remember

Travis Scott performing at BOK Center

The atmosphere was electric as Scott took to the stage on Saturday, delivering the Playboi Carti-assisted track “FE!N” as part of his Circus Maximus Tour. Despite the absence of Carti, Scott and his tour DJ Chase B kept the energy levels at an all-time high, encouraging friendly competition between the two sides of the BOK Center.

“The energy was palpable. Scott had the crowd in the palm of his hand, and everyone was on their feet, singing along to “FE!N” on loop. It was a sight to behold.” – Concert Attendee

An Unexpected Surprise

However, it wasn’t just the repeated rendition of “FE!N” that had the crowd buzzing. Earlier this month, Scott had treated his Los Angeles audience to a surprise appearance by none other than the Whole Lotta Red rapper himself, Playboi Carti.

In LA, Scott’s adorable five-year-old daughter, Stormi Webster, also shared the limelight as he performed “Mafia.” The tender moment was a heartwarming contrast to the high-energy performance that characterized the rest of the evening.

The Music and Beyond

Scott’s music isn’t just about catchy beats and infectious energy. It has always been a reflection of his life experiences and the things that matter to him. His recent interview with GQ revealed how deeply he was affected by the tragic Astroworld Festival crowd crush that occurred two years ago.

“Making music, you think about things that go on in life and things that happen in your life, and you dial in on things. That moment for families, for the city, you know, it was devastating,” he confessed.

Chart-topping Success

Despite the tragedies and controversies, Scott’s music continues to resonate with audiences worldwide. “FE!N,” which also features Sheck Wes, climbed to No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking Scott’s 14th top-ten single. Meanwhile, Utopia, Scott’s fourth studio album, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, the second rap album of the year to achieve this feat, following Lil Uzi Vert’s Pink Tape.

To Sum it Up

This unforgettable night in Tulsa was a testament to Travis Scott’s immense talent and his unwavering connection with his fans. Despite the roller-coaster ride that his career has been, with soaring highs and devastating lows, Scott continues to make music that speaks to and moves the masses, one electrifying performance at a time.

Polo G’s Sibling, Trench Baby, Faces Murder Accusations: A Deep Dive Into The Case

Polo G’s Sibling, Trench Baby, Faces Murder Accusations: A Deep Dive Into The Case

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

The music industry is often associated with glamour and glitz; however, it is not devoid of controversies and legal issues. One such incident that has recently garnered attention involves Polo G‘s brother, a budding rapper known as Trench Baby.

The Incident: A Tragic Los Angeles Shooting

On the night of June 10, a tragic incident unfolded in Los Angeles. The victim, a young man named Dashaun Berry, was found lifeless in a North Hollywood parking lot at approximately 1:30 a.m. The authorities pronounced him dead at the scene, setting off a chain of events that would eventually lead to Trench Baby facing severe legal consequences.

The Aftermath: Trench Baby’s Arrest and Charges

Following the incident, Polo G’s brother, also known by his real name, Taurean Bartlett, was implicated in the crime. He was subsequently arrested and charged with felony murder. Currently, Bartlett is being detained at the Los Angeles’ Men’s Central Jail without bail. His trial is scheduled to begin on November 27.

Aside from the murder charges, Bartlett also faces accusations of first-degree residential robbery and dissuading a witness by force or threat. Interestingly, both these charges involve the same individual.

The Connection: Trench Baby and Polo G’s Legal Troubles

This isn’t the first time Trench Baby and Polo G have had a brush with the law. Back in August, both brothers were arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, and kidnapping. The charges stemmed from a police raid on the Chicago rapper’s Los Angeles home.

Polo G, however, managed to secure his release from Burbank Jail after posting a $100,000 bond. His lawyer, Bradford Cohen, stated that Polo G wasn’t the primary focus of the LAPD’s investigation. He emphasized his client’s innocence, stating, “He is not and never was a convicted felon. Any previous charges he had I got dismissed and it’s all public record.”

The Impact: Delay in Polo G’s Upcoming Album Release

Polo G’s music career has also been affected by these events. His upcoming album, Hood Poet, originally set for a September 2023 release, has been postponed. As of now, Apple Music hints at a tentative release date of August 2, 2024.

The Bottom Line

The case involving Polo G’s brother Trench Baby is a stark reminder of the challenges and troubles that can emerge in the entertainment industry. As fans await more music news, the focus remains on the unfolding legal drama. Will justice be served? Only time will tell.

D’Anthony Bly: Carving New Pathways in Talent Management

D’Anthony Bly: Carving New Pathways in Talent Management

A wave of newness is rippling through the music industry, spearheaded by the entrepreneurial spirit of D’Anthony Bly, often recognized as “D Bly”. A champion for fresh talent and longtime manager for the sensational Coi Leray, Bly has embarked on an exciting journey with the launch of his novel management company, 11 11 Management.

A New Chapter Begins

The Boston-born entrepreneur is no stranger to the industry. Having grown up with Leray, Bly has been instrumental in shaping her brand and expanding her repertoire. The platinum hit “Players”, along with other successful singles like “No More Parties”, “Big Purrd”, “Twinnem”, and “Blick Blick” featuring Nicki Minaj, are all testament to their fruitful collaboration.

11 11 Management is set to retain Leray as a client, a move that only strengthens their bond and mutual dedication. The goal? To scout and nurture up-and-coming talent, propelling them to the next level in their creative journeys.

“Everything about this is new. We aren’t following any formulas or algorithms, but we’re finding talent we believe in and taking it to the next level.” – D’Anthony Bly

Building Brands and Breaking Barriers

While helping artists build their brand, Bly also focuses on forming strategic alliances with renowned industry players. Under his careful stewardship, Leray scored a spot on the “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” soundtrack, and developed partnerships with high-profile brands like Meta, YSL, Marc Jacobs, and Fendi.

Coi Leray

His vision doesn’t stop at music. Bly is currently assisting Leray in establishing her very own production company, “Trendsetter Studios”, further broadening her influence in the entertainment industry.

A Longstanding Partnership

Leray’s faith in Bly is unwavering. In a heartfelt statement, she expressed her gratitude for his continuous support.

“I wouldn’t want to be in this industry without D Bly. He has opened so many doors for me and has been in my corner since the very start. He is truly a star quality manager. We are really here forever, this about longevity.” – Coi Leray

Creating Safe Spaces in the Music Industry

Bly’s dedication extends beyond the realm of music. He’s committed to championing women in the industry and fostering an environment where talent feels heard, respected, and most importantly, safe. This initiative resonates strongly with Gina Greiss, 11 11 Management’s general manager.

“Working with D Bly has given me the opportunity to experience the music industry in an innovative way. His ability to master any given task has changed the way we perceive entrepreneurship in music.” – Gina Greiss


D’Anthony Bly’s launch of 11 11 Management signals a fresh direction in talent management. His commitment to building brands, empowering artists, and fostering safe environments is not only redefining industry standards but also setting a solid foundation for the future of music.

This article is just the beginning. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into Bly’s remarkable journey and the exciting developments at 11 11 Management.