Celebrity Tequila Brands continues to rise in 2022

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The Rise of Celebrity-Run Tequila Brands in 2022 

In recent years, the tequila market has seen growth in both the domestic Mexican one and the global international markets. Cultural symbols of Mexico, such as El Diablo and Patrón, have grown to prominence internationally, which is evident through Tequila Cuervo being sold in over 170 countries. On a smaller scale, celebrity brands provide yet another option for consumers within these markets. 

Why more celebrities are starting their own tequila companies 

Just like any brand, the tequila market is rising rapidly with many customers. As a result, many celebrities see this as an opportunity to start their own company and capture some of that market. Some stars want to break into the alcohol industry because it’s not saturated, and there’s money to be made. 

Madonna, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez are just a few celebrities who have started their tequila brands. The reason is simple: the distribution system has improved considerably. Manufacturers produce much higher volumes of alcohol but ship it to brokers that then distribute it to the market, making it easier for pallet shipments to reach other regions and across borders.   

What caused the rise of celebrity-run tequila brands? 

Tequila sales in the US have been dropping since 1990 when they peaked at 180 million gallons, but since 2006, many celebrities have taken to marketing their brands.  

The US is also behind this boom pushing back against heavy regulation and opening up new opportunities for small-scale production.   

Celebrities are a massive marketing force for businesses to work their magic. Brands want celebrities to represent them because they know people will buy what the celebrity promotes, no matter what. Plus, celebrities are famous faces that can touch consumers emotionally and connect with them in ways that brands don’t have the chance to do.  

The success of celebrity-run tequila companies continues to increase 

Celebrities have taken on a new venture that focuses on the same core commodity and process as their previous celebrity branding ventures, tequila. As these brands begin to expand and the quality of life associated mainly with the celebrity niche marketers improve, more people will be convinced to try these brands. People need to maintain their brand by continuing to keep up their lifestyles, or else they will lose interest in what they promote.    

Tequila as a drink and industry can be dated back to the 16th century. Often, artisanal tequila brands are associated with young, up-and-coming musicians or actors. Many celebrity-run brands sell their tequila line either at their concerts or online through their websites.  

The latest tequila craze is nitrogen-frozen clear Agave liquor with an upscale price tag.  

There seem to be no bounds on what celebrities will package under their name to make money in this current era! 


The research found that more and more celebrity-run tequilas brands were surfacing, suggesting that consumers are becoming more aware and willing to buy products endorsed by celebrities. When purchasing a product, their trust in the celebrity may often outweigh their thoughts on the company’s authenticity. The explosive growth of the celebrity brand in the upcoming years is especially prevalent in popular social media platforms. When we first realized the numbers, the data analyst in me couldn’t help but sit back and think about the implications of this rise. The popularity of influencers is no secret, and trends usually show a spike when that person’s name is leveraged. Brands seem to be capitalizing on this. 

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