Celebrity Tequila Brands continues to rise in 2022

Celebrity Tequila Brands continues to rise in 2022

The Rise of Celebrity-Run Tequila Brands in 2022 

In recent years, the tequila market has seen growth in both the domestic Mexican one and the global international markets. Cultural symbols of Mexico, such as El Diablo and Patrón, have grown to prominence internationally, which is evident through Tequila Cuervo being sold in over 170 countries. On a smaller scale, celebrity brands provide yet another option for consumers within these markets. 

Why more celebrities are starting their own tequila companies 

Just like any brand, the tequila market is rising rapidly with many customers. As a result, many celebrities see this as an opportunity to start their own company and capture some of that market. Some stars want to break into the alcohol industry because it’s not saturated, and there’s money to be made. 

Madonna, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez are just a few celebrities who have started their tequila brands. The reason is simple: the distribution system has improved considerably. Manufacturers produce much higher volumes of alcohol but ship it to brokers that then distribute it to the market, making it easier for pallet shipments to reach other regions and across borders.   

What caused the rise of celebrity-run tequila brands? 

Tequila sales in the US have been dropping since 1990 when they peaked at 180 million gallons, but since 2006, many celebrities have taken to marketing their brands.  

The US is also behind this boom pushing back against heavy regulation and opening up new opportunities for small-scale production.   

Celebrities are a massive marketing force for businesses to work their magic. Brands want celebrities to represent them because they know people will buy what the celebrity promotes, no matter what. Plus, celebrities are famous faces that can touch consumers emotionally and connect with them in ways that brands don’t have the chance to do.  

The success of celebrity-run tequila companies continues to increase 

Celebrities have taken on a new venture that focuses on the same core commodity and process as their previous celebrity branding ventures, tequila. As these brands begin to expand and the quality of life associated mainly with the celebrity niche marketers improve, more people will be convinced to try these brands. People need to maintain their brand by continuing to keep up their lifestyles, or else they will lose interest in what they promote.    

Tequila as a drink and industry can be dated back to the 16th century. Often, artisanal tequila brands are associated with young, up-and-coming musicians or actors. Many celebrity-run brands sell their tequila line either at their concerts or online through their websites.  

The latest tequila craze is nitrogen-frozen clear Agave liquor with an upscale price tag.  

There seem to be no bounds on what celebrities will package under their name to make money in this current era! 


The research found that more and more celebrity-run tequilas brands were surfacing, suggesting that consumers are becoming more aware and willing to buy products endorsed by celebrities. When purchasing a product, their trust in the celebrity may often outweigh their thoughts on the company’s authenticity. The explosive growth of the celebrity brand in the upcoming years is especially prevalent in popular social media platforms. When we first realized the numbers, the data analyst in me couldn’t help but sit back and think about the implications of this rise. The popularity of influencers is no secret, and trends usually show a spike when that person’s name is leveraged. Brands seem to be capitalizing on this. 

Tesla Ventures into Fitness Gear with the ‘Cyberhammer’

Tesla Ventures into Fitness Gear with the ‘Cyberhammer’

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Tesla, known for its trailblazing electric vehicles, doesn’t shy away from creating a buzz with its unique range of merchandise, all echoing the essence of its EVs. And now, a gym hammer inspired by the Cybertruck could be the next addition to this eccentric collection.

1. Tesla’s Eccentric Merchandise Collection

The EV giant’s merchandise line is as diverse as it is intriguing. From flamethrowers to tequila, Tesla’s unorthodox merchandise collection mirrors the innovation and audacity seen in its electric vehicles. And now, the Cyberhammer – a gym hammer, could be the new member of this unique collection.

2. The Birth of Cyberhammer

Tesla recently filed a trademark application in the U.S. for a product dubbed the ‘Cyberhammer.’ According to Electrek, the application describes the Cyberhammer as a piece of “exercise equipment, namely, gym hammers for fitness purposes.” No image of the hammer is included in the application, but it’s not hard to imagine a design inspired by the Cybertruck.

3. The Inspiration Behind the Cyberhammer

Tesla’s Cybertruck, with its futuristic design and robust build, has captured the imagination of the public. The Cyberhammer, drawing its design cues from this electric pickup truck, seems like a natural extension of the Cybertruck’s appeal.

4. Tesla’s Previous Merchandise Successes

Tesla’s unconventional merchandise often comes with a hefty price tag. Yet, it manages to fly off the shelves. In 2021, Tesla introduced the Cyberwhistle, a stainless steel whistle priced at $50. It was followed by the GigaBeer, a three-pack priced at €89, brewed in Berlin with citrus, bergamot, and sweet fruit notes.

5. Capitalizing on the Cybertruck Buzz

The Cybertruck has been a sensation since its unveiling, and Tesla seems keen on capitalizing on the internet’s fascination with this electric pickup. The Cyberhammer could be another clever move to keep the Cybertruck in the public eye.

6. Why a Hammer?

The choice of a hammer as a piece of gym equipment might seem odd to some. But remember the Cybertruck unveiling event in November 2019? Tesla demonstrated the durability of the truck’s stainless steel bodywork by hitting it with a sledgehammer. The Cyberhammer seems like a fitting tribute to that unforgettable moment.

“The Cyberhammer is a testament to Tesla’s ingenuity and its ability to turn any product into a sensation.” – Anonymous Tesla Enthusiast

7. Anticipating the Cyberhammer

Although there is limited information about the Cyberhammer, one can expect it to be a premium product, much like other Tesla merchandise. If it follows the design ethos of the Cybertruck, the Cyberhammer might feature a stainless steel construction with a futuristic design.

8. Awaiting the Reveal

Tesla has yet to reveal the Cyberhammer, and anticipation is building. Will it mimic the angular design of the Cybertruck? Will it carry a premium price tag like other Tesla merchandise? Only time will tell.

9. The Impact of the Cyberhammer

The introduction of the Cyberhammer could be more than just another addition to Tesla’s merchandise. It could signal the EV maker’s entry into the fitness equipment market, opening up new opportunities and challenges.

10. The Competition

While the fitness equipment market is crowded, Tesla’s brand appeal and the uniqueness of the Cyberhammer could make it stand out. It will be interesting to see how competitors react and whether they will follow suit with their own unique fitness gear.

11. The Verdict

Tesla’s move to introduce the Cyberhammer is bold, innovative, and in line with its tradition of thinking outside the box. It remains to be seen how successful this venture will be, but one thing is certain: Tesla knows how to make waves, and the Cyberhammer is already creating a splash.

12. Looking Ahead

As we await the unveiling of the Cyberhammer, it’s exciting to speculate on what else Tesla might have in store. If the Cyberhammer is a hit, we might see Tesla expanding its range of fitness equipment. The possibilities are endless, and as always, Tesla keeps us guessing.

In conclusion, Tesla’s foray into fitness equipment with the Cyberhammer is a testament to its constant innovation. Whether it’s electric vehicles or gym hammers, Tesla continues to push boundaries, capturing the imagination of its audience and keeping them on their toes. The Cyberhammer is yet another example of Tesla’s unorthodox approach to merchandise, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Kingpen Slim and Symba: A Duet that Strikes a Chord

Kingpen Slim and Symba: A Duet that Strikes a Chord

Photo by Marcela Laskoski on Unsplash

In the world of hip-hop, the name Kingpen Slim resonates with power and presence. Known for his remarkable body of work, this D.C. native has been an indelible part of the music scene for several years. His recent collaboration with Symba, another promising talent from the Bay Area, has stirred up excitement among fans and critics alike. Their new single “Shiesty” is a testament to their musical prowess and the power of collaboration.

A Glimpse into Kingpen Slim’s Journey

Kingpen Slim, a celebrated figure in the hip-hop landscape, has been consistently lauded for his unique musical style and his profound storytelling ability. His most recent album, Blurred Lines, was released two years ago and showcased his dynamic range as an artist. The album, comprising 10 remarkable tracks, featured collaborations with Black Cobain and ANKHLEJOHN, further elevating its appeal.

Since the release of Blurred Lines, Kingpen Slim has stayed relevant, releasing a slew of singles that have garnered widespread appreciation. Tracks like “Sinner In The Synagogue,” “Tequila Straight,” “WhatsApp” featuring DB Bantino, “They Don’t Know” featuring Kevin Ross, and “Paid In Full” with Stalley have resonated with listeners, further solidifying Kingpen Slim’s place in the music industry. He has also been sharing snippets of his creative process through social media, keeping his fans engaged and intrigued.

The Birth of “Shiesty”

The latest offering from Kingpen Slim is the track “Shiesty,” a collaboration with Symba. This fresh single stands as a testament to the artists’ creative synergy and their shared commitment to delivering impactful music. The track, produced by Nick G., showcases the artists’ lyrical prowess and the depth of their musical understanding.

The Inspiration behind “Shiesty”

In a press release, Kingpen Slim shed light on the inspiration behind “Shiesty”. He revealed that the concept of “Shiesty” has been a part of D.C. lingo long before Pooh Shiesty topped the charts. When he chanced upon an old go-go clip from the Uncalled 4 Band, he was reminded of a show he had attended where everyone wore what was then referred to as ski masks. When he received a beat pack from the producer, one of the beats was named “Ski Mask Love,” and the flow came to him naturally.

“Shiesty”: A Fusion of Melody and Rhythm

Nick G., the producer of “Shiesty,” shared his insights about the track. He explained that the track was initially named “Ski Mask Love” because of the intriguing contrast between the melodic strings and piano and the raw, gritty drums. According to him, while the drums gave a ski mask feel, the melody exuded a sense of love.

Listen to “Shiesty” Now

“Shiesty” is now available for streaming. Experience the unique blend of Kingpen Slim’s vivid street narratives and Symba’s exceptional bars. The track is a testament to the artists’ musical prowess and their ability to create impactful, resonant music.

The collaboration between Kingpen Slim and Symba marks a new chapter in music news. Their combined talents have resulted in a track that resonates with listeners and critics alike. With “Shiesty,” they have once again proven that music is a powerful medium for storytelling and self-expression.

With “Shiesty,” Kingpen Slim and Symba have set the bar high for future collaborations. As they continue to push boundaries and create music that resonates with listeners, the world eagerly awaits their next move. Whether it’s an album, a single, or a live performance, one thing is for sure – Kingpen Slim and Symba are here to make their mark in the music industry.


Kingpen Slim and Symba’s collaboration on “Shiesty” is a testament to their individual talents and their ability to create music that resonates with listeners. As they continue to push boundaries and challenge the status quo, they are setting new standards for what’s possible in music. Here’s to more groundbreaking music from these remarkable artists.

“RHUDE BOY” visuals filmed by Doe Boy in New York City

“RHUDE BOY” visuals filmed by Doe Boy in New York City

It was just a short time ago that Doe Boy took the world by storm with the release of his new project, BEEZY, a 16-track collection featuring Lil Yachty, Babyface Ray, Don Toliver, Future, EST Gee, Lola Brooke, DaBaby, and more. Earlier this week (June 20), the Cleveland star released the video for the single “RHUDE BOY,” which serves as the lead track off the upcoming project. Doe Boy’s self-described hard-hitting subject matter finds the perfect environment for the BWheezy-produced cut’s setting as it borrows inspiration not only from Shyne’s ‘Bad Boyz’, but also Grace Jones’ ‘Nightclubbing’, that, in turn, creates a syncopated environment ideal for the hard-hitting beat.

A clip accompanying the video has been directed by Fast Life Productions and takes the viewer on a journey to South Jamaica, Queens. In that country, Doe Boy spends time enjoying street food and tequila with his crew at a variety of locations while enjoying street food and tequila from DeLeón Tequila.

A few years ago, the Freebandz general was interviewed for a series of studio sessions, and in his response, he described his ideal setting for creating music. “If there is liquor present, it’s a party. He stated that all he needed was that. “Also, I enjoy being by myself a lot. It is my preference that I be alone with my engineer, myself, and maybe one other person at a time. It means that I do not have to worry about how anyone will react to what I have to say, and that I can concentrate on what I want to say instead. That’s when I will be singing songs that are deep and tapping into what I’m feeling.”

With “2 LIVE,” Offset and Hit-Boy team up.

With “2 LIVE,” Offset and Hit-Boy team up.

“2 LIVE” is a booming track that pays tribute to Uncle Luke and the 2 Live Crew that Offset and Hit-Boy released today (Jan. 13). Thus, the subject matter of the song is just the kind of thing that’s perfect for getting everyone on the dance floor and get them dancing:

2 LIVE” comes with an accompanying video clip directed by ThirdEyeRaz and Horrible Always, which we can see at: the video is centered around a party that the collaborators are hosting. Additionally, there will be plenty of tequila served up by Patrón, as the brand is partnering with Hit-Boy for a docu-series called “Mixed & Mastered”, which is due to air in 2016.

Offset think it is safe to say that 2022 has been a productive year for Hit-Boy, largely due to projects including Bulletproof Soul as well as Pacman da Gunman, HITGIRL featuring Dreezy, and King’s Disease III alongside Nas. Additionally, the Fontana, California-born beatsmith provided quality cuts including “Scholar” alongside 24hrs, “CORSA” featuring Half-A-Mil cohort Dom Kennedy, and “Tony Fontana III” featuring Curren$y. Aside from his own work, Hit-Boy’s production has appeared on tracks by the following artists: Doechii, The Game, Beyoncé, Cordae, Blueface, Ab-Soul, The Kid LAROI, and YG. In the meantime, it has been four years since Offset released his debut studio LP, Father of 4. Over the course of the past few years, Migos has released several well-received singles into the public sphere, including “Code” and “54321” alongside Moneybagg Yo.