Rimanist is now walking in his purpose heading into 2023

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Latest, Music News, New Music Alert | 2 comments

Discovering your path inside darkness is a proverbial light.  

Traveling through the maze of life is a dark, dangerous, uncertain, and sacred path. When a child is born, its totally unaware of the world’s dangers, secrets, and beauty. A child has no idea what their future holds or how it will play out.  Parenting is not designed for the faint of heart and never ends. Even in the event of death, a parent’s job never dies. Shaping the life of an unborn baby is a mind-blowing, torturous, and spiritual journey in life.  

Staring into the eyes of a newborn baby is a heavenly moment in time that people would die to experience. One child can affect change in the world. However, only if they walk the golden path in life.   

Rimanist is aligned with his destiny in 2022.  

Major Recording Artist/Serial Entrepreneur Rimanist understands the difference between legacy and dreams. Being born with great expectations, Rimanist’s life was never scheduled to be ordinary.Being raised in Detroit, Michigan, he was taught hustle ownership, loyalty, faith, and Hip-Hop. Creating generational wealth and empowering future minority leaders is what fuels Rimanist’s passion in life.  

Growing up in Detroit blessed Rimanist with a very distinctive survival mentality and Championship DNA. Surviving Detroit’s darkest demons and human snake pits allowed Rimanist to locate his purpose and destiny in life.  

Rimanist is the CEO of a flourishing multimedia company based in Detroit. Rimanist’s companies include a record label, clothing line, global merchandising, TV/Film, and music publishing.  

He recently inked a video distribution deal with RADIOPUSHERS for his documentary. The Evolution of Rimanist is scheduled to drop the second quarter of 2023 on Amazon Prime Video

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