Lil Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant alludes potential tour with Drake

Lil Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant alludes potential tour with Drake

Lil Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant alludes potential tour with Drake

If you are unhappy about missing the Drake vs. Lil Wayne mega-tour of 2014, it’s finally time to make up for it. Former manager of Drake, who is also the current manager of Weezy – Cortez “Tez” Bryant — alluded earlier this week that it is likely that the rappers may set forth on another joint tour.

“My favorite tour of them all was this Drake vs. Lil Wayne Tour,” Bryant said during a recent episode of Brian “B.Dot” Miller’s “Art of Facts” series. “It was at a time when Drake had arrived as an artist. Seeing him from the inception and as a superstar himself and mentor and mentee going on stage.”

Bryant stated that upon Miller’s suggestion of both the starts cho-headlining another tour, Drake and Wayne discussed the possibility.

“And they talked about it,” he revealed. “I do think we need to do it again.”

Since 2018, discourse regarding another joint Drake and Wayne tour was rampant. The same year, Weezy congratulated Drake for the success of his Aubrey vs. The Migos Tour, which he co-headlined with Migos.

“I can’t wait to get back on that stage and we do our own tour again. ‘Drake vs. Tune, Wayne’…whatever you wanna call it,” Wayne had said at the time. “You will never win, you never do. Congratulations.”

This news comes after the duo teased their fans with the idea of a potential collaboration during one of Wayne’s Young Money Radio segments.

“Now, something about me and Drizzy’s songs that we do together, we are both perfectionists,” Wayne said on-air. “So, it’s not like you send me a joint, I’m going to throw a verse on there. We got a standard we got to live up to, we got a track record and a legacy we gotta always protect. And then on top of that, it’s like we have this thing where it’s like, well, if I’ma send you a joint and I’m going to go first, first of all – I already know, it’s like, all right, I know this man’s about to go crazy on me.”

Drizzy agreed, adding, “Well look, on that note, you have my word as a man and Mack [Maine], you can hold me to this when we get off the phone, I’m going to be in the studio.”

Furthermore, Drake also revealed that he’d “be in the studio all weekend” and promised that he would send Wayne a song the next week. Previously, the duo collaborated on many super hits such as “Miss Me,” “Forever,” “Money to Blow” and many more.


Florida sheriff’s deputy on administrative leave after hitting Black teen

Florida sheriff’s deputy on administrative leave after hitting Black teen

Florida sheriff’s deputy on administrative leave after hitting Black teen

A disturbing video emerged online, wherein Florida sheriff’s deputy can be seen punching a Black teenager. The department is investigating the incident. According to the surveillance footage acquired from within the Sarasota County Juvenile Assessment Center, 17-year-old Terrance Devon Reed III could be seen seated in what was presumed to be a waiting area before the incident took place.

Then, Neil Pizzo – the Sarasota County sheriff’s deputy — can be seen gesturing at the teen. However, abruptly, Pizzo could be seen charging at Reed, and simultaneously, the latter stands up. However, Pizzo begins to choke the teen and hitting him in the face, as he pins him down to the ground.

Then, another deputy called Earl Matthews enters the room and sits on the teen’s legs as Pizzo uses a stick to beat the teen and then goes on to handcuff him. Almost immediately, other officers enter the room and Pizzo is guided out by the group.

Sheriff Tom Knight has launched an investigation after watching the footage and Pizzo has been placed on administrative leave.

“I feel disappointment. I feel that I am disappointed in what I saw,” Knight said of the incident. “In an abundance of caution I put him [Pizzo] on administrative duty. At first blush, it’s the first thing you’re going to see as a reporter; something went wrong.”

“We are responsible for de-escalating the situation,” he continued. “Was the de-escalation practice put into play there?... If a deputy is trying to de-escalate and you go hands on and you have a confrontation, what did he attempt to do prior to the physical confrontation to prevent it from happening?”

According to reports, Reed was arrested and charged with contempt of court, probation violations, possession of cocaine and selling cocaine within 1,000 feet of a church. He was transferred to the Sarasota Memorial Hospital for treatment after he sustained several injuries due to the aggressive behavior of Pizzo.


Court denies R. Kelly’s latest appeal for release from prison

Court denies R. Kelly’s latest appeal for release from prison

Court denies R. Kelly’s latest appeal for release from prison

On Tuesday, the latest bid by R. Kelly to be released from a prison in Illinois was rejected by an appeals court.

It is reported that the prosecutors provided “clear and convincing evidence” to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals to demonstrate that the singer of “Step In The Name of Love” is a flight risk and may pose problems to the community.

It was on Friday morning that lawyers of Kelly asked for the release of their client from federal custody, claiming that in the preceding six months, he could not prepare for his trial. Since the onset of the pandemic in March, he could not meet his attorneys.

According to his legal team, Kelly cannot read, write or review the legal documents currently and neither can he engage in meaningful interactions with them. “He has essentially been cut out of the discovery and preparation process,” attorney Tom Farinella wrote in a court filing.

According to reports, this was the sixth time that his team appealed for his release, out of which four were during the pandemic. His legal team also argued that Kelly was high risk for demonstrating extreme complications if he catches the virus.

On Tuesday, Farinella said that they “will continue to vigorously fight for Mr. Kelly’s vindication.”

Previously, it was reported that a fellow inmate attacked Kelly in the prison. Allegedly, Jeremiah Shane Farmer brutally hit the singer several times on his head, as he wanted attention directed towards his own case.

Farmer is serving a life sentence for being involved in two murders. He had written a letter about the pandemic restricting his access to computers, without which, he is unable to work on his case.

He also added that he could not turn to anyone for help and “was forced to assault hip hop R&B singer Robert Kelly… in hopes of getting spotlight attention” on the corrupted government. 



Armani Caesar collaborates with Benny The Butcher for “Simply Done”

Armani Caesar collaborates with Benny The Butcher for “Simply Done”

Armani Caesar collaborates with Benny The Butcher for “Simply Done”

In March, rising star Armani Caesar was welcomed by Griselda Records as their new artist, as the label hoped to release great tracks from the perspective of a woman. In August, her first official single featuring Benny The Butcher and produced by the legendary DJ Premier was released, and it was called “Simply Done.” Armani’s track undoubtedly aligned with Griselda’s signature gritty music:

“Let me get on my slick s***, y’all n***as been on some b***h s***, I’m blankin’ out on all of these dips***s, top of my hitlist, hustle gang, I’m on my TIP s***/

Goin’ hard, I’m on my stiff d***, my n***as sharpshooters, aim and click, I ain’t talkin’ no Twit’ pic, I get in that booth and I rip s***, no playin’, no kid s***/

In the club hittin’ that woah, bad b***h on my ‘Bebe’s Kids’ s***, bosses, I click with…/”

The visual comes courtesy of DNT Watch TV and it seems more like a visual meant to flex, as both the artists can be seen styling for the cameras in various places. Although there was plenty of past music incorporated (including 2011’s Hand Bag Addict), the visual seems like something that is meant to introduce a veteran who completely deserves to be in the limelight.

In January, even before her induction into Griselda, Armani released “Yum Yum” and collaborated with Smileyface and TiaCorine on “Follow The Diamonds” this past Valentine’s Day. Before that, in 2018, she released her project Pretty Girls Get Played Too, which featured seven amazing cuts. 


Usher releases new visual for “Bad Habits”

Usher releases new visual for “Bad Habits”

Usher releases new visual for “Bad Habits”

Fans of Usher are definitely getting prepped for a new album. He already released many singles including “Don’t Waste My Time” with Ella Mai, “SexBeat” with Lil Jon and Ludacris, “California” with Tyga,” and the socially charged “I Cry.” Moreover, he also partook in Good Morning America’s “2020 Summer Concert Series,” wherein he performed many of his hits for those whiling their time away in quarantine. Now, he is all set to come back with another amazing track called “Bad Habits,” produced by Pierre Medor and Lxrd Rossi, wherein he can be seen talking about relationship issues, similar to the Confessions era:

“I love love, I’m just bad at it, I just can’t escape all of these bad habits, I had way too many one nights, yeah, I keep messin’ up my love life, yeah…/”

The visual comes courtesy of legendary director Chris Robinson, and audience can see that his Ushers finds his girl with his phone, which clearly denotes that he was unfaithful to some extent. Then, a big dance number is incorporated, wherein Usher is still mulling over his mistakes.

The upcoming release of Usher, which is believed to be titled Confessions II, comes after his 2016’s Hard II Love, his eighth LP, which was first launched via the JAY-Z-helmed TIDAL platform that he co-owns. Although it was very exclusive, the project still managed to end up at number five on the Billboard 200, as it sold 38,000 units.

Apart from “Bad Habits,” it was also announced that Usher will be going to a Las Vegas Residency in 2021, wherein he will perform at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace from July till January of the following year.

“I cannot wait to perform for an audience… In Vegas, I get a chance to create the show that I want, and I get a chance to be with my fans who’ve been cooped up for months and months.”


The chairman of REVOLT Media & TV, Sean “Diddy” Combs announced his plans to open up a new college prep school in The Bronx.

The plan is to open Capital Prep Bronx on Sep. 8, and for now, the method of teaching will be limited to remote tools, due to Coronavirus. During the first year of the school, almost 200 underserved sixth and seventh grade students will attend the lectures. In the next few years, the school is optimistic of teaching 650 students, from grades six through eleven.

“My dream has always been to provide children, in communities like the Bronx, the high quality education they deserve,” said Diddy in a statement. “We’re not just teaching reading, math and coding. We are grooming future leaders that will change their communities and the world.”

Previously, two other prep schools were opened by Diddy and Dr. Steve Perry; which are located in Harlem, New York and Bridgeport, Connecticut.

“We couldn’t be more excited to open our next school together in Co-Op City, a community rooted in social justice and diversity.” Dr. Perry said in a statement. “While opening up remote at first is bittersweet, we have developed a best in class approach to online learning we are excited to implement with our new families. The Capital Prep college prep model is perfectly poised to transition into the digital space and we are excited to deliver a rigorous education to this inaugural class of scholars.”

Two years ago, Diddy- a longtime education advocate- pledged to donate $1 million towards the Bronx location. Stating that he knows the environment in which the kids lived, he expressed that he wanted to offer them a quality education.

“I understand the importance of access to a great education, and the critical role it plays in a child’s future,” he previously said. “Our school provides historically disadvantaged students with the college and career skills needed to become responsible and engaged citizens for social justice.”