IAMRE$T ascends to a higher Hip-Hop level inside the House of Hits Studio

IAMRE$T ascends to a higher Hip-Hop level inside the House of Hits Studio

The power of personal elevation is indescribable.

Elevating your talent or skillset in life requires a truthful emotional and psychological audit of oneself. Digging deep inside your fears, insecurities, doubts, and failures requires rhinoceros skin.

Advancing your ability to unthinkable heights in life commands unnatural sacrifice, amnesia, military-grade discipline, and panoramic vision. Employees can only see the surface of life. Visionaries see life through multiple lenses of optimism.

Natural-born leaders transform darkness into rainbows and deflect pain with every step forward. Every second spent breathing on this earth, Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur IAMRE$T is laser-focused on ‘ELEVATION.’

Leaders are born with an ultra-beam light and invisible pressure only they can understand. IAMRE$T reflects all three sides of America. The good, bad, ugly, and beautiful. Being born inside a two-strike system, IAMRE$T’s life was never designed to be typical.

Traveling down unimaginable terrains in life, IAMRE$T became comfortable with being uncomfortable in this America.

Embracing change is the beginning of evolution.

IAMRE$T definition of freedom is much different from the average person’s. Freedom in the mind of IAMRE$T means controlling his narrative, finances, family living circumstances, and movement. Submitting to a traditional 9 to 5 job and retiring at 65 was never a true dream of IAMRE$T.

Understanding his God-given ability forced his hand to live life at a higher altitude. Eating chilled imported shrimp at 2pm on a Tuesday at Moxies on South Beach and sipping on Ace of Spades champagne simultaneously are life goals of IAMRE$T.

He recently recorded new material inside the House of Hits Studio in Miami. House of Hits Studio is the 10th Wonder of the World. Music icons and Hip-Hop elite transform their thoughts into musical treasures inside House of Hits Studio. IAMRE$T ascends to a higher Hip-Hop level inside the House of Hits Studio.

Kxng Ko embodies the essence of rap supremacy inside the House of Hits studio

Kxng Ko embodies the essence of rap supremacy inside the House of Hits studio

Understanding your roots enables a person to grow exponentially.

Roots provide water and nutrients for a tree, allowing it to grow into a beautiful feature in the landscape. As a result, trees must have roots to survive. The common belief about tree roots is that they grow as far as the branches extend, but in fact, they can grow four times as broad as the tree’s crown.

Roots provide the foundation of a person’s character, morals, and actions. People’s entire lives and lifestyles are rooted in their faith, internal belief systems, and moral compass. Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur Kxng Ko is a man whose life is grounded in unparalleled passion, unflinching faith, emotional intelligence, and Hip-Hop.

Kxng Ko’s life mission is entrenched in empowerment, self-education, and inventiveness. Kxng Ko’s mental infrastructure is divinely inspired and engineered for marathons. Possessing abnormal levels of psychological stamina, Kxng Ko pain threshold beyond conventional parameters.

Kxng Ko aligns with his creative gift in Miami’s House of Hits Studio.

The multi-diverse musical catalog of Kxng Ko enables listeners to feed their deepest desires and challenge themselves to unthinkable heights in life. Creating lyrics that become people’s soundtrack in life is priceless. Empowering people to believe in elements of life that haven’t come to fruition is a responsibility of a visionary.

Vinny DeLeon is the mastermind architect of the world’s 10th Wonder. The House of Hits studio in Miami. House of Hits Studio is the world’s first recording experience.

Inside this building, iconic figures in music and entertainment produce timeless music. Kxng Ko embodies the essence of rap supremacy inside the House of Hits studio.

In the video for “Just Wanna Rock”, Lil Uzi Vert turns up the heat

In the video for “Just Wanna Rock”, Lil Uzi Vert turns up the heat

There is no doubt that Lil Uzi Vert is on a roll these days. His latest single, “Just Wanna Rock,” has been an instant hit and has become an unmistakable one thanks to the blend of the Philadelphia rapper’s infectious raps with the Jersey club sound.

On November 18th, Uzi released the official video for the MCVertt and Synthetic-produced offering, which is directed by Gibson Hazard, as part of his YouTube channel. A bulletproof truck has been used to transport the Generation Now signee to Earth from what appears to be another planet in what appears to be an out-of-this-world clip. A minute later, viewers can see him breaking out some serious dance moves with YouTube star Kai Cenat and taking over the streets of New York. This is accompanied by some serious dance moves. The end of the film reveals that at some point, when police tried to break up the massive crowd, some of the fans were pepper sprayed as a result, as the police attempted to break up the crowd at some point.

A few months ago, Uzi launched his RED & WHITE EP, which served as a teaser for his upcoming album entitled The Pink Tape. This album will be out later in the fall. A year ago, he released his sophomore album, Eternal Atake, which on its own debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 due to the 288,000 album-equivalent units it sold, which helped establish him at the top of the chart. This same year, the rapper who brought us “XO Tour Llif3” was able to continue his momentum with the releases of Pluto x Baby Pluto and Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World 2, which was a collaborative effort with Future.

The new EP from Key Glock entitled “Paper Route Empire 5 Life”

The new EP from Key Glock entitled “Paper Route Empire 5 Life”

Key Glock life was changed forever on November 17, 2021. Young Dolph, his mentor as well as his cousin, who was shot and killed that very day at Makeda’s Cookies in his hometown of Memphis, has left Key Glock with a permanent hole in his heart, which is still present today to this day. He slowly restarted his music career after a period of four months while dealing with the burden of continuing the legacy of Paper Route Empire. In addition, he learned how to carry the burden of carrying the legacy forward. He has been through a lot over the past few years, but despite that, the 25-year-old has managed to produce quality music on a consistent basis and has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. It is with great pleasure that Key Glock releases his latest EP, Paper Route Empire 5 Life, today (November 18).

Last week, the news of the EP release was brought to the attention of fans, who were delighted. Since yesterday was the one-year anniversary of Dolph’s transition into the Paper Route Empire, this was the most appropriate time to receive some brand-new material from Glizock, particularly as we marked the one-year anniversary of Dolph’s transition yesterday.

Billboard interviewed the “Yellow Tape” rapper about how he was motivated by Young Dolph when it came to making his album. Honestly, I don’t wanna lie, but Young Dolph was my motivator to achieve my dreams,” Glock said. It was my mental hype man who made that happen for me. I was blind to the things that he saw and he put it into me, which I could not see. My mind is just a mess right now because of those thoughts that are plaguing me. It is over for the thrill and the passion that used to be associated with such things. During the course of my life he observed me, as I reached this point in my life and he is no longer with me.

With five records under his belt, Glock re-entered the production process with Tay Keith and Bandplay, whom he has worked with on several occasions. Key Glock has still got a lot of work to do before he calls it a day, as he has a ton of pressure still to apply before he calls it a day with PRE5L. It’s one of the most underrated releases of the year and deserves all of the shine it deserves.

A posthumous song by Young Dolph is titled “Get Away”

A posthumous song by Young Dolph is titled “Get Away”

Young Dolph is currently being honored throughout the country by helping those in need in their communities today (Nov. 17). In addition to the commemorations of the Memphis rapper’s short life, it was also announced recently that his estate will be releasing a new album entitled Paper Route Frank, expected to be released on Dec. 9. Gucci Mane, Key Glock, and Peewee Longway are confirmed to appear on the album.

As the aforementioned sample and title suggest, fans will be able to listen to a single titled “Get Away” before the posthumous body of work is released. The single, produced by Ghostrage and Sosa 808 and being sung by Sayd, takes the form of a verse about wanting to be free from the stress of the daily grind:

In anticipation of the release of the single “Get Away,” Key Glock released an EP in tribute to his cousin, Paper Route Empire 5 Life, which can be translated as Paper Route Empire 5 Life. Taking it back to the roots, Yellow Tape star and Yellow Tape standout “Die Trying” makes it clear that he is committed to continuing the movement Dolph started.