Mobbin101 expands his Exotic Mob Music empire in 2022

Mobbin101 expands his Exotic Mob Music empire in 2022

Greatness doesn’t have a timetable.

Pursuing visions created by your brainwaves sounds scary in theory. Seeing and believing in something no one else sees but yourself is unconventional thinking for average humans.

Being a dream chaser requires a fearless and unorthodox mentality. Balancing aggression, passion, uncertainty, and self-doubt demands an iron stomach. Understanding the value of destiny means a person knows the price of the required sacrifice.

The mind of a hustler never rests, and their empire is constantly under attack. Staring at the man in the mirror is an eye-opening experience. Facing your deepest insecurities, flaws, and personal demons is not for the faint of heart.

Achieving greatness is taxing, heart-breaking, self-isolating, unthinkable, and sacred. Fewer than 10% of people in the world succeed in achieving their dreams. It is an esoteric formula to convert thoughts into reality.

Mobbin101 understands the price of fear in 2022.

Major Recording Artist/Multi-Platform Entrepreneur Mobbin101 is a prototype Generation Z hustler. Transforming two strikes into financial freedom is a road less traveled. Mobbin101’s life never allowed him to believe in having a ‘Plan B.

Mobbin101‘s deck of cards was dealt by a fixed dealer. However, unlike most people who subscribe to failure in the face of unpredictability, Mobbin101 optimized his single chance at fate.

He is the mastermind behind Exotic Mob Music and is solely responsible for its future. Carrying the burden of high expectations is never an easy pill to swallow in life. However, Mobbin101 was only built for ‘Infinity Links.’

MoneyMarr presents new video for “Tip Toe”

In his last project, Millionaire Mindset, MoneyMarr had 14 hard-hitting tracks and Rah Swish provided the assist. Having dropped a couple of loose EPs and notable feature appearances lately, it was no surprise to notice the D.C. artist dropped a new song called “Tip Toe” that features some of MoneyMarr’s signature street rhymes:

MoneyMarr also returns with a visual courtesy of Marko Steez, which captures the artist’s hard-hitting lines in full motion. In addition to seeing him in a house with a beautiful woman, masked up in a vehicle with a couple of cohorts, and more, viewers have the opportunity to observe him.

Aside from Millionaire Mindset and Exotic Habits, MoneyMarr also blessed fans with Exotic Habits and Millionaire Mindset, another well-received artwork with a collaboration among fellow artists Xanman, Black Fortune, Taedoe Jugg, Lil Skii, and Baby Fifty. With series like Draco Vibes and Youngest Trappest, MoneyMarr has established himself as one of the most promising artists.

During his recent interview with On The Radar Radio, MoneyMarr expressed his feelings about the overall music scene in the Washington area as follows:

“I feel like we have a scene developing. I support the scene that we have going on, as well as everyone else who’s going strong. Hats off to them. We’re rising right now, we’re doing our little things, and I think we should get noticed a little more. But I think it’s only a matter of time.”

HOOD CELEBRITYy living her truth and empowering women in 2021

HOOD CELEBRITYy living her truth and empowering women in 2021

I’m standing on the balcony of my Le Sable Presidential suite at Fontainebleau, overlooking breath taking views of the Atlantic Ocean. Observing and meditating over mother-nature beauty is God’s grace. It’s five days before 2021, and 2020 has left me exhausted, scared, inspired, and fearless. My 1600 square foot suite is filled with exotic women, business associates, two bodyguards, Wingstop, Deleon Tequila, Caribbean incense, and music inspired by Hood Celebrityy.

The journey of Hood Celebrityy reflects a true American success story. Immigrants and black people-built America, and their fingerprints are visible in every aspect of business and humanity. Hood Celebritty’s bloodline belongs to Jamaica, and at the age of twelve, she migrated to America.

Growing up without a father, experiencing unthinkable trauma, and receiving life lessons from gangster family members created rhinoceros’ skin for Hood Celebrityy. From the moment her family landed in New York, she understood only the strong survive and dreams would not be denied.

Hood Celebritty never believed in preparing a ‘Plan B’ in life. She was blessed with God-given leadership skills and possesses a distinctive vision that creates unparallel music from birth. Sipping on Deleon Leona Anejo Tequila and listening to ‘So Pretty’ by Hood Celebrityy blare from my dual F-Speaker by Figgers Wireless.

Her ability to transform uncensored words into intimate lyrics of sexuality and feminism. I close my eyes and allow ‘So Pretty’s’ lyrics to penetrate my mind and grasp my heart in full submission. ‘So Pretty’ elevates and illuminates the power, elegance, and sheer allure of women.

Hood Celebrityy’s musical gift is undeniable, and her physical features reflect her rich Jamaican heritage. I look over my shoulder, and I smile as 50 people are dancing and living their best life in South Beach. Hood Celebrityy’s meteoric rise to success from immigrant beginnings empowers thriving women worldwide. She’s come a long way from catching the Metro to catching first-class flights.