Peso Pluma Tijuana Concert: A Performance Grounded by Cartel Threats

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Photo by Tijs van Leur on Unsplash

The rising music star, Peso Pluma, withdraws from his forthcoming concert in Tijuana due to looming death threats, allegedly from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel

A Cancellation Announcement

In an unexpected turn of events, the highly anticipated performance of the renowned artist, Peso Pluma, at Tijuana’s renowned venue, Estadio Caliente, scheduled for October 14th, has been cancelled. A statement released on the Instagram Stories of Pluma and his record label, Prajin Music Group, revealed that this decision was made as a security measure for the artist, his crew, and the fans.

The Threatening Shadow of the Cartel

The cancellation of the Peso Pluma Tijuana Concert was not a decision taken lightly. The artist was believed to be under death threats, with the Jalisco New Generation Cartel being the primary suspect. This notorious cartel has a reputation for its ruthless operations and has been a significant player in Mexico’s ongoing drug war.

The Statement from Peso Pluma

The statement released by Peso Pluma and the Prajin Music Group read: “Our objective is to protect the fans and the team,” as translated from Spanish. “For the security of everyone involved, we will be cancelling our show in Tijuana. Many thanks to all of our fans for understanding. We love you.”

Contextualizing the Threats

The threats targeted at Peso Pluma were not vague or implied. Several banners were reportedly displayed across Tijuana, directly warning the artist that proceeding with his planned performance would result in it being his “last performance.” The banners condemned the artist for alleged disrespect and his “loose tongue.”

Impacted Tour Dates

Following this unexpected turn of events, Peso Pluma, known for his vibrant music and fiery performances, has also postponed several other tour dates. These include performances in various states in the US, such as Indiana, Alabama, Illinois, and Wisconsin. The reason for these postponements still remains undisclosed.

Future Performances

Despite the challenges, the artist’s tour is not entirely grounded. The next performance, which is still expected to proceed, is planned to take place in Reno, Nevada on September 28th. This will be followed by a series of concerts across various locations in California.

Impact on Peso Pluma’s Career

This recent incident has inevitably become a significant disruption in Peso Pluma’s rising career. The artist has expressed immense gratitude for his U.S. touring success in previous interviews and the current circumstances have undoubtedly added a layer of complexity to his professional journey.

The Role of Lyrics

Peso Pluma’s music, specifically his lyrics, have been a point of contention in this alarming situation. The artist’s lyrics often reference El Chapo, the infamous drug lord from the Sinaloa Cartel, which is a noted rival of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. These references are believed to be a significant factor in the threats made against him.

The Music Industry’s Reaction

The chilling threats against Peso Pluma and the subsequent cancellation of his Tijuana Concert have sent ripples throughout the music industry. The situation is a stark reminder of the risks artists can face, particularly in regions where cartel influence is significant.

A Concert Canceled, But A Career Continues

While the Peso Pluma Tijuana Concert has been canceled due to cartel threats, the artist’s career continues. Peso Pluma has made a name for himself through his vibrant music and passionate performances, and this incident serves as a reminder of the risks artists face. Despite the adversity, Peso Pluma continues to make music and connect with his fans, demonstrating his dedication to his craft and his unyielding spirit.

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