Jewale Indigo represents a higher frequency and vibration in music

Jewale Indigo represents a higher frequency and vibration in music

Photo Credit: Dorian Ash  

Some people are born with Championship DNA.  

Everything pertaining to Major Recording Artist Jewale Indigo represents an indescribable and undeniable creative vibration. Jewale Indigo’s vocal tones, lyrical flow pattern, visual presentation, and emotional intelligence enable him to create an unparalleled audio experience for consumers, music enthusiasts, and tastemakers worldwide. Jewale Indigo’s meticulous music production and beat selections illuminate his diverse imagination.   

His music echoes a distinct elevation in sound and musical composition. He’s a mad scientist inside the recording booth. Recently, I had the privilege of watching him record in real-time at the world-famous House of Hits Studio in Miami. Listening to the speed of his vocal delivery, precise enunciations, calculated voice inflections, and musical instincts exceeded all my surface expectations.   

Musically, Jewale Indigo’s sound is a raw reflection of God’s plan infused with fearless energy.  

Every vowel and consonant leaving his tongue underscores his divine gift. The brand of Jewale Indigo sheds light on the power of Generation Z musicians. Possessing the ability to trigger people’s most profound and hidden emotions requires Championship DNA and refined specialness. Understanding the power of your voice is the first step in traveling the path of greatness. The music of Jewale Indigo embodies the essence of artistic freedom and creative supremacy.   

Rimanist is now walking in his purpose heading into 2023

Rimanist is now walking in his purpose heading into 2023

Discovering your path inside darkness is a proverbial light.  

Traveling through the maze of life is a dark, dangerous, uncertain, and sacred path. When a child is born, its totally unaware of the world’s dangers, secrets, and beauty. A child has no idea what their future holds or how it will play out.  Parenting is not designed for the faint of heart and never ends. Even in the event of death, a parent’s job never dies. Shaping the life of an unborn baby is a mind-blowing, torturous, and spiritual journey in life.  

Staring into the eyes of a newborn baby is a heavenly moment in time that people would die to experience. One child can affect change in the world. However, only if they walk the golden path in life.   

Rimanist is aligned with his destiny in 2022.  

Major Recording Artist/Serial Entrepreneur Rimanist understands the difference between legacy and dreams. Being born with great expectations, Rimanist’s life was never scheduled to be ordinary.Being raised in Detroit, Michigan, he was taught hustle ownership, loyalty, faith, and Hip-Hop. Creating generational wealth and empowering future minority leaders is what fuels Rimanist’s passion in life.  

Growing up in Detroit blessed Rimanist with a very distinctive survival mentality and Championship DNA. Surviving Detroit’s darkest demons and human snake pits allowed Rimanist to locate his purpose and destiny in life.  

Rimanist is the CEO of a flourishing multimedia company based in Detroit. Rimanist’s companies include a record label, clothing line, global merchandising, TV/Film, and music publishing.  

He recently inked a video distribution deal with RADIOPUSHERS for his documentary. The Evolution of Rimanist is scheduled to drop the second quarter of 2023 on Amazon Prime Video

Frank Amil and Dev Amil formed Hip-Hop’s most dangerous music business duo

Frank Amil and Dev Amil formed Hip-Hop’s most dangerous music business duo

Chemistry is an unquantifiable measurement of success.

“The complex emotional or psychological interaction between two people.” This statement is the definition of ‘chemistry.’ Chemistry is an invisible connection between two individuals illuminated by distinctive dynamism.

Watching chemistry in motion is a beautiful expression of love, passion, and unparalleled unity between two people. Speaking in decoded language, both individuals interpret a specific language of unification.

The rarity of their energy, euphoria and ultra-beam light mesmerizes and influences people to dream beyond normal. Seeing people create and perform at unthinkable levels of mastery is spell-bounding and aspirational.

Some of history’s most potent duos, such as Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, showcase priceless chemistry between two individuals. Both people understand how to mesh with each other’s most remarkable talent without disruption. Winning six championships and dominating the NBA for almost a decade cemented their legacy as the most successful sports duo ever.

Frank Amil and Dev Amil are the 2023 versions of Don Shula and Dan Marino.

Serial Entrepreneur/Music impresario Frank Amil is a man driven by incalculable ambition and divine inspiration in the music industry. Running a flourishing multimedia company and developing uncut diamonds in rap culture comes naturally for Frank Amil. Frank Amil’s company ‘All Money Is Legal’ encompasses TV/Film, music publishing, global merchandising, and technology.

Major Recording Artist Dev Amil is a rare breed of musical mastery in rap culture. Dev Amil makes everything look effortless and creates transformative music. Dev Amil’s lyrics represent a distinctive component of society.

His lyrics provide a blueprint of survival and inspiration. Hailing from the infamous Yonkers, New York, Dev Amil illuminates its rich Hip-Hop heritage. Frank Amil and Dev Amil formed Hip-Hop‘s most dangerous music business duo. Stay tuned to their movement in 2023.

Shayy Soprano’s vision becomes clear heading into 2023

Shayy Soprano’s vision becomes clear heading into 2023

Dreams fuel people’s invisible aspirations in life.

Shayy Soprano is a walking trophy and a born star. Shayy Soprano was created with a special gear of unparalleled charisma and a relentless work ethic.

Having high expectations from birth is not an easy journey. As a child, Shayy Soprano developed broad shoulders.

Learning invaluable life lessons from her iconic grandmother, Shayy Soprano understood the value of self-worth and living life without limits. Shayy’s imagination never stops racing, and her brain is an ocean of knowledge.

Understanding the impact of your purpose enables people to push beyond conventional barriers in society. Shayy’s birth included a golden parachute, and she always lands on safe ground. Pursuing stardom and Hollywood is a vicious, cold-hearted, dark, and psychologically taxing maze of indescribable manifestation. Very few people ascend to the heights of their dreams in life.

Shayy Soprano never blinks in her vision.

Traveling the road of most resistance requires Championship DNA and ultra-unique amnesia. Letting go of the past fuels people toward their future destinies. Shayy Soprano’s life story includes life-changing drama, death, intimate tears of pain, unconditional love, and music.

People search endlessly for the perfect door of opportunity to open. Sadly, less than 10% of the world’s population ascend to the promised land. The documentary of Shayy Soprano is currently filming in multiple global locations.

However, Shayy’s vision is crystal clear heading into 2023. Running a multimedia company encompassing music, film, TV, and global merchandising places her in the CEO role. Living her life as a self-made woman is priceless.

Taking control of her narrative, future, and mental health defines the essence of ‘true freedom’. One day Shayy Soprano will have a family and other life elements to cultivate. As of now, she is laser-focused on the world, seeing, hearing, and believing in the brand of Shayy Soprano.